RAKEZ Free Zone Features

RAKEZ free zone is a highly specialized free zone that offers a wide variety of business activities. This specialized business zone boasts many features that make it attractive to investors. These include low license fees, visa facilitation, and a diverse range of business activities. Let’s look at some of these features to learn more about RAKEZ.

RAKEZ is a specialized free zone:

RAKEZ is a specialized free trade zone in Dubai that facilitates local and foreign investors. Companies based in RAKEZ will access a range of growing markets in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and South and Central Asia. These businesses will benefit from a range of customizable facilities and first-class services.

RAKEZ has several distinct zones for businesses to consider. There’s RAKEZ Media Zone, for instance, which is a specialized free trade area for businesses in the media sector. This zone has an excellent infrastructure for producing media content and is also suitable for events management. In the RAKEZ Business Zone, meanwhile, entrepreneurs can choose between several types of legal entities that suit their business model. 

It offers a wide range of business activities:

The RAKEZ free zone in UAE offers businesses a wide range of activities. This zone is located near the world’s leading airports and seaports and offers many advantages for business owners who need to be accessible to customers around the globe. Businesses can perform various activities in this free zone, including trading, warehousing, product storage, and more. 

It offers low license fees:

There are several benefits of establishing a business in the Rakez free zone. The license fee is relatively low, and you can apply for a company without paying excessive amounts. There are also several different packages available to suit different types of businesses. For example, you can choose to set up a manufacturing or service company in the Rakez free zone. These packages come with various benefits, including no visa requirements, unlimited access to the innovation lounge, fast incorporation and access to researchers and university students.

It offers visa facilitation:

Several benefits are offered to companies who want to set up in Rakez free zone. One of them is visa facilitation. This service is available to companies registered as services or commercial entities. In addition, the free zone provides a range of packages that can help them gain access to the world market.

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